Spanish Workshop - Round l



– Cuntis, Santiago de Compostela and Coruña –

7 March - 30 September 2023

Italian Workshop - Round l


– Perugia –

6 June - 1 September 2023

Portuguese Workshop - Round l


– Porto –

9 – 30 September 2023

Italian Training Event

STAGE4CHANGE - acting for tomorrow

Body2change – Galicia Training Event

The PERFORM4CHANGE project appears as an opportunity to combine experiences and practical training knowledge, testing models and promoting the improvement of the training that each entity puts into practice.

The PERFORM4CHANGE first training program takes advantage of an international context and uses performing arts as a way to work on improving trainees' soft skills and the issue of climate change. In this first phase, three workshops were developed (by each partner of the project, in Portugal, Spain and Italy).

The objective of each one was to use the know-how and modus operandi of each partner entity to develop training designed to simultaneously work on soft skills and create awareness about climate change.

With PERFORM4CHANGE, one of the partners' main objectives is the exchange of good educational practices between partner institutions and improving their quality, through observation and debate of each partner's methodologies in implementing workshops with local communities.

Through the exchange of good practices, three different workshop models were implemented in each country and tested based on their previous experiences. The aim was that, in the end, practices can be discussed, merged and improved trying to find an improved and common way of implementing the training.

Round l