Workshop - Round lI



– Cuntis –

15 January - 28 February 2024

Workshop - Round lI


– Perugia –

16 January - 1 March 2024

Workshop - Round lI


– Porto –

25 January – 24 February 2024

Italian Training Event

STAGE4CHANGE II - acting for tomorrow

Woman in Action for Climate ChangeGalicia Training Event

After the 1st round of workshops, debate work was carried out, and improvement proposals were made trying to find an improved and common way of implementing the training in the 2nd round.

Maintaining the objective of using the know-how and modus operandi of each partner, training was developed aimed at simultaneously working on soft skills and raising awareness of climate change.

In this 2nd round, the three workshops were held practically simultaneously in the three partner countries, maintaining its identity but having a common structure between the three.  The training course consisted of 10 sessions of three hours each, witch included:

- the presence of an external trainer, to diversify the methodological approach;

- a nature walk;

- a session entirely dedicated to the topic of climate change held by a specialist or an entity from the area;

- a session dedicated to performative gamification of the theme of climate change;

- a final opening, which can take the form of a performance, an open class or a presentation of the work.

Round ll